The Fauns - An Indie Rock Dream (English Version)

Johnny Clash interviews Mike Savage, The Fauns bassist

Who are The Fauns? 
Three musicians from Bristol and two from London chasing the indie rock dream. The band started in 2007 as one member and has since grown into a five piece. We're now signed to Invada and we're touring our second album Lights. The response we have received has been overwhelming, thank you!!! 

Ambient, noise pop, shoegaze…listening to your music you can fell a sound crossed by very different and kaleidoscopic experiences. So, what are your favourite artists, those who have most influenced your work? 
The starting point is very clearly the nineties shoegaze scene and we're quite proud of that. It's hard to say exactly who our influences are because they are so varied. We listen to soundtracks, dance music, AOR/MOR, heavy metal, disco, punk... The influences are there but perhaps are not so obvious. Personally I gravitate to anything that makes me want to laugh or cry. 

We liked very much your last work, Lights (click here for free streaming), that followed your debut album after 3 years. Why so long time? 
Everyone in the band had a lot of commitments and big changes to deal with. Life got in the way of the band I guess... we continued working and writing but at a slower pace. 

How do you describe Lights to our Italian readers? 
Lights as you know took three years to write. We set out to write an album that has more of a structure than the first album. Also an album that is varied, it's too easy to find your sound and stick to it. When we write we are very aware not to repeat ideas. I hope this comes across in the recordings. 

You come from Bristol, famous wordwide for its music scene, particularly with regard to trip-hop, drum and bass, dubstep…listening to albums as Lights it’s easy to understand that Bristol is also more. How is the scene today in your city? 
The Bristol scene is bigger than ever. The 2010s see the regeneration of certain areas of the city and a massive influx of creativity, musicians. artists, film makers etc. It's a very exciting place to live right now. 

Now the future. Intentions, dreams, hopes…what do you hope for the future of The Fauns and for the future of the world? 
World peace obviously... but until that day comes we want to write a third album that will soothe bruised hearts. Hopefully it won't take three years to write this album... We're already working on it. 

For our future we hope Maurisio Seimani will be deleted from the planet earth…wich is the message of The Fauns for the vile Maurisio? 
Maurisio... you smell like old cheese and you have the personality of a sock full of bees. Please leave!!!